Business Trips Suck

You know you’re in a difficult profession when the talk around the water cooler (or, more accurately, the talk on the Starbucks run) is what kind of webcam provides the clearest picture of your kids, and whether you should upgrade from Skype to keep you connected to your family. Greg’s been traveling a lot lately. Missing the baby is killing him. He did buy a new webcam but also posted 8x11 pictures of himself over Baby C’s changing table to ensure she would recognize him when he comes home. Apparently, he wasn’t concerned about the association I might make between his face and her dirty diapers.

While Greg's been away, I've devoted my scant free time to sleep and laundry rather than blogging. Thrilling though they may sound, these activities don't lend themselves to exciting blog posts, either. It's really a vicious cycle that I am only now able to break since my parents are here for a visit, providing me with a little reprieve and ample material. For now, let’s just say that I can’t find anything in my kitchen, and that my electric toothbrush keeps conking out on me mid-molar because my dad keeps unplugging the charger in an effort to save electricity.


  1. Mid-molar? You are so funny.

    Your dad sounds like my hubs. He's constantly unplugging the stuff in my office to save electricity. I keep reminding him it's using more power to turn things onandoffandonandoffandonandoff, but it's a losing battle on my part.

  2. We went through this when Riley was a baby and wound up having to re-evaluate our lives.

    Luckily Todd found a more father-friendly job. Little did we know at the time how much we would need it.


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