All I Want for Memorial Day Are Her Two Front Teeth

Tired. So very tired.

Baby C is teething. Last night turned into a marathon session of rocking and nursing and, when those tactics failed, trying to distract my whimpering babe with books and toys. At first, I kept her room dark and quiet to induce sleep, but around 3 a.m., I tripped over a wayward copy of Stellaluna, and spectacularly crashed into a rattle before my leg banged into the dresser. After that, I turned on the light.

I proffered cool teething rings and frozen washcloths to numb her little gums, but she spurned all things cool or cold. I attempted to administer Children's Tylenol, but she spit it all out. Twice. By "spit out", I mean that she spewed the saccharine pink syrup down under the front of her sleeper, requiring a sponge bath and change of clothes – which went over about as well as you might expect at 4:00 in the morning.

Even more painful than my bruised shin, Baby C recently learned the "m" sound. Even though I know she's too young to associate the sound with me, last night she kept bleating, "Mmmmama." "Mama." And I obviously couldn't do anything to make her feel better. Ouch.


  1. She's already teething and saying Mama? She's growing up so fast!

  2. Oh Elizabeth, don't you know the Tylenol is for you?! ;-)


  3. And that "ouch" feeling is awful, isn't it? And this is why I try to inform people about getting educated when it comes to vaccines. To do it more safely.

    Not a moment goes by I'm not feeling the ouch of "my child hurts and I can't help her."

    I don't want any other children (or their moms) to go through it.

    P.S. I bet she truly is saying Mama! Mine both said Dadadada first. Grrr...

  4. Oh...and Stellaluna already? Very impressive! Baby C is well read.

  5. Have you tried frozen berries? It's all our boys ate when they were teething and provided a lot more relief than other frozen stuff.


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