Snow! Around 18 inches of it, which is impressive anywhere, but especially for DC--land of the preemptive school-closing and grocery-store-blitzing should there be a hint of a flurry in the air. I plopped Buzzy in front of my new best friend a Doodlebug DVD and stepped out into the winter wonderland to sweep off our front steps. I did leave the door open in case of emergency.

A few minutes later, I heard a little voice announce, "I weady!" Standing in the doorway was my curly-haired toddler, clad in purple footie pajamas, her boots, her mittens, and a pair of my maternity underwear that she'd pulled from the hamper and put on over the whole ensemble. I was so proud of her for knowing to wear boots and mittens that I have tabled the whole "we wear underwear under our clothes" conversation for another time.

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