Baby Stammtisch

Rosie thinks she can talk. She babbles from her playmat: snuffy snorts, grunts, chortles and gurgles, and excited squees. She's not terribly particlar as to her conversation partners--lately, she seems to enjoy debating her hands. She's gained enough verbal and physical control over them to direct her thumb into her mouth. Another regular to these discussions is, of course, the Baby in the Mirror. Baby in the Mirror gives as good as she gets, and kindly stops talking when Rosie, mid-conversation, drops off to nap. I don't always grasp all the nuances of Rosie's chats, although sometimes her desires are strong enough to break the language barrier. I clocked her last conversation at over 30 minutes. Can't imagine where she picked up her chatty ways, but our resident gabby girl better watch out when her baby sister replaces those squees with actual words.

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