Winter Adventures

It snowed.  In DC, it doesn't matter how much; the mere prospect of a few flakes is enough to close schools and, well, the federal government, too.  So you can imagine the chaos when close to a foot fell in a couple of hours that overlapped with rush hour.  Folks were stranded in traffic for up to eight hours on trips that usually took them 45 minutes.  Live wires, downed trees, no power, cars abandoned on the roads, even thunder and lightening.    

There are times when Greg and I gripe at our 'urban' bungalow's proximity to an ugly stretch of a busy road.  Two days ago was not one of those times.  Greg hopped on the Metro, walked two short blocks, and was home in 15 minutes.  Our power remained on.  He shoveled.  Buzzy built a snowman.  And dumped a container of sequins over it.  Who needs a corncob pipe when there are sequins?

The next day, I was determined that the girls get out there and enjoy the winter wonderland.  We bundled up.  Then we had to go to the potty.  Then we bundled up again.  Approximately 50 minutes after the process started, we headed outside. 

"Sledding" consisted of me pulling Buzzy in a sled up our unplowed street while wearing Rosie.  We finally found a teensy-grade hill, but Buzzy seemed a little hesitant.  I forced her down a couple of times; she said it was fun but she was ready to go home.  Then she freaked out because a couple of random snow clumps were in her sled.  Then she insisted on taking off her mittens.  Then the sled ran over her bare hand.  Then we came home.  The end. 


  1. Love reading about your life! Yeah for living so close to the metro and a busy street! Got your Christmas card yesterday, it was adorable. Where did you find the Santa?

  2. Yes, it's nonstop excitment around here. ;) Santa visited our nature center before Christmas - beats dealing with the mall! Glad the card found you before Feb.

  3. Too funny. Well, the snowman looks happy!

  4. I'm so happy to see that your blog and beautiful brood are becoming less anonymous. Don't worry, next year won't be any better. Reading your description of a winter wonderland outing sounds much like my tales of woe with an almost 5 and 2 year old. So much work goes into to launching them out the door, then once you're out there, so much work goes into convincing them how marvelous it all is...ten minutes later someone gets a snow clump up a mitten or in a boot and the adventure comes to a sudden and untimely end.

  5. Sounds just about right! And yay for sequin-snowmen!

    I *still* remember the first year the kids could pull their own sleds (we have quite a hike to our neighborhood hill). It was such a novelty!

  6. You can never have too many sequins! ;)

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. All of my family members live in VA! It is a lovely place to live.


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