As a little girl, I hated dressing my dolls - it was impossible getting the clothes over their heads and their arms through the armholes. (My Malibu Barbie attended all functions in her turquoise-blue bikini.) As a New Mommy, I find dressing Baby C fraught with the same concerns. I've been dodging the issue by keeping her in sleepers 90% of the time.

My lack of fashion dexterity aside, anything other than pajamas seems intellectually dishonest - let's face it: sleeping remains Baby C's activity of choice. On a recent trip to the post office, however, she was the only little one not decked out in some sort of outfit. A baby in front of us snoozed in team jersey with little sneakers, and a baby behind us chortled in corduroy overalls. I adjusted Baby C’s blanket so none of the other Mommies could see that my kid sported a fleece sleeper. At what age is it socially unacceptable to wear pajamas all day?


  1. It's socially unacceptable to wear pajama's all day??


  2. Hilarious! So funny! Yes, those little dolls had such contrary arms, just wouldn't bend or cooperate in any way. And of course it's a whole nuther thing with little angel girl and her needing to sleep. But as I see it, you have Lots More to Do than selecting her Post Office Ensemble, right? Love it that you let her go *all comfy*- and I bet she does too! EE

  3. I'm wearing pj's right now. (And I'm at work in my office!) Baby C and I should hang together.

  4. Lets see, it's 10:08 AM and we're all still in our pajamas.


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