You're in the Jungle, Baby!

Greg's Christmas wish came true. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock appeared under the tree, thanks to my sister and parents. (For those who don't know, Guitar Hero III is basically karaoke for the guitar.) As the box promises, Greg's inner rock legend has been unleashed. It's hard to describe the inner rock legend of a white intellectual property lawyer. If you picture a caught carp jerking on the line, you will have some idea of what he looks like jamming out in our living room. Our house sounds like a college dorm. Remember the floor with the guys rocking out to hair bands of the '80's at all hours? That dorm. On the plus side, turns out that Baby C's a big GNR fan.

Baby C's first ten weeks earned her a spot on Santa's nice list--and on the lists of her very generous grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Kudos to the brilliant and hilarious Eugene, who somehow found her a tea set made in Denmark. Even better: he found New Mommy a nice bottle of Scotch. Which is especially lovely in light of Guitar Hero III.


  1. Well, you'll certianly have to video tape your husband and put him on You Tube.

    Happy New Year!

  2. yeah... I'm already in enough trouble for this post as it is!


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