6 Months Tired

Who's getting it. How they're getting it. Techniques for getting more. Sleep. It would be all I dreamed of, if only REM weren't so damn elusive.

(Yeah, that resolution has gone the way most of them do).

Baby C isn't a bad sleeper, but I've always needed at least eight hours. Six months of skimping have caught up with me. Yesterday, I followed the advice to "sleep when the baby sleeps" and crashed at 10:00 in the morning. The two hour nap didn't even dent the depths of my exhaustion.

So I was perhaps not the most patient or loving wife last night. We finally got to bed around midnight, but Greg couldn't put his Crackberry down. I asked him a few times to stop, and he solicitously blocked its dim light. But I lay there, listening to the little scroll down button whine on and on like a hamster wheel, and I lost it. From under the covers I arose like the ghost of Christmas past. I grabbed the front of Greg's tee shirt in my two hands .


I rolled over, contemplated feeling bad, but conked out before it could happen.

Baby C gets furious when she can’t sleep. Wonder who she gets that from?


  1. My only advice is JUST DO IT. What gets me to go to bed when I'm not and should is the thought, my new mantra:

    Repeat after me.

    "I'm a better parent when I'm rested. I'm a better parent when I'm rested."

    Stop reading this and go to bed. Now!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is so funny! I can just see you flying out from the covers. I've been debating getting a blackberry type of gadget and I'm afraid it will become my crackberry. So I'm holding off.

  3. Stephanie, good advice. Thanks.... zzzzzzz.

  4. Death to the "crack"head who deprives me of one minutes of sleep.

    If not death, then at least the guest room.


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