August Adventures

August brought our first baby-related trip to the E.R. Baby C had been nursing a slight head cold for a few days. One night, (on the eve of a flight to Boston, of course), her breathing became very labored and she sounded like a baby seal coughing in her crib. A quick Google search revealed that she probably had croup. Croup?! I thought croup had been eradicated along with the mange. I remembered that in Anne of Green Gables, Anne saved croupy Minnie May's life with her nursing skills. Lacking a spunky, red-haired orphan of our own, we called the doctor.

The doc gave us two opposite home remedies of a steamy bathroom or cold air, but Baby C’s Flipper-like cough just got worse. So, at 1:30 in the morning, we went ahead to the E.R., praying that Clark was at a kegger or otherwise off-duty. Luckily we saw an actual doctor. Baby C got a shot of steroids, which made her feel much better (despite derailing her ‘08 Olympic career). I don't advocate hospital trips prior to travel, but she did sleep through a two hour delay on the tarmac the next day.

On that note, God bless the sound machine. I don't want to jinx anything by spelling it out, but it seems to be working! Amazing stuff, sleep. I feel almost human again, or as human as someone can when she's got stewed peaches drying in her hair. (Actually, the peaches seem to work just about as well as mousse.) Bring on the wipe warmer and the big plastic toys: I'm a believer!

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  1. You are so funny. Stewed peaches?

    Glad you got at least one night of sleep!


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