I Jinxed It

Following a textbook bedtime, Baby C woke up around 9:30 tonight. After an hour of screaming (her) and crying (me), I decided she could watch Hillary's speech with me on CSPAN. Technically, she's not allowed to watch TV, but I'm willing to bet CSPAN incapable of actually shortening anyone's attention span. Plus, I was sort of taken by the sentimental significance of watching Hillary rally the troops with my daughter on the anniversary of the 19th Amendment’s ratification.

Baby C was ecstatic to find thousands of people wearing funny hats and clapping—her two favorite things! Bathed in the light of Hillary’s orange suit, she gazed up at the TV with a look of adoration rivaling Bill’s (bleh--was anyone else completely grossed out when he mouthed “I love you” to his wife as the camera focused in?) and beat her hands together throughout the whole speech.

Because this blog is nothing if not fair and balanced, we will see how she reacts next week when the Republicans gather in the Twin Cities. Although I suspect that Greg might actually enforce an earlier bedtime.


  1. How funny. The whole thing. While I admit, Baby C should not have had to witness the obnoxious "mouthing," you will lighten up about the TV when the next baby comes.

    I was the TV Nazi when Riley was a baby. Now...well, what do you think they're doing as I type this?

    : )

  2. If your daughter doesn't spontaneously puke at the sight of Sarah Palin, she's not your husband's daughter.

    I'm not looking to cause marital strife. I'm just sayin' . . . .

  3. I think she would come by that reaction honestly from both of us.


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