If you should be the lucky recipient of a kit that lets you imprint your child's hand in plaster of Paris at ages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, I humbly suggest waiting until the child is at least 10 years old before undertaking the project. True, you won't capture the sweet outline of your baby's wee digits, but you will probably avoid said wee digits gleefully plastering the kitchen floor, the cat, and the baby’s own hair. You will probably also avoid the baby stuffing a plaster-covered-fist in her mouth and sucking down the glop as it sets.

Rather than set her hand gently on the plaster, Baby C squirmed away from me, scooped, and ran. Instead of her little handprint, the kit showcases a gaping hole. All is not lost, however. If you squint at the cloudy waves of plaster on my hardwood floor, you can sort of make out her fingers. And they appear to be permanent.


  1. So funny! I hope you keep the mold, as is. Much more interesting than the overdone actual baby handprint. Those are so yesterday. Baby C is an abstract artist.

  2. Wow... you are describing our experience exactly. I think those things used to come with a dose of tranquilizers before all that... you know... safety stuff was big.

  3. glad lance responded - we had one for Ellie and promptly decided against it for the C-dog.


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