Toot Toot Chuga Chuga

Four teeth in two weeks, five first steps, and a cold that left Baby C sounding like a haggard old diner waitress with a two-pack-a-day habit.

There, now you're caught up.

The cold left Baby C (and me) too miserable to enjoy all of her milestones. For the last week, she's been clingy as a koala and just plain miserable. Diversions are hard to come by after a week inside, and one sleepless night I succumbed. I propped her up in front of the computer and started Googling. Dora didn't do it for her. Neither did Barney. Even more reluctantly, I started typing "W.. I...G...G...L...E...S".

For the first time in Baby C's life, the Australian quartet's songs rang through the room. Her glazed eyes focused. She clapped. She laughed. She offered the ultimate sacrifice: her paci placed gently on the computer space bar at the feet of her favorite band.

I suppose that's a milestone of another sort. The first time Mommy's high ideals regarding crap kiddy music and no screen time before age two fell in the name of buying five minutes of peace and quiet. Well, it had to happen at some point. Mommies can't live in ivory towers forever; at some point, they've got to face the real world, Wiggles and all.


  1. The offering up of the paci. Love it. Hope Baby C is feeling better. That is quite a few milestones.

  2. The scary thing is that I've had conversations, with grown women, I might add, about which Wiggle is our favorite!

  3. Love your blog!

    My high ideals fell when my then 8 months old was down with flu. He really loves "In The Night Garden"... I've never tried the Wiggles, however.


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