Head, Shoulders, Knees and. . . .

Head, mouth, ears, legs, arms, tummy, toes: Baby C's been able to name and point to most of the elementary body parts for a while now. It was time to expand our vocabulary. Baby C quickly learned her knees, so I went on. "These are your elbows," I said, pointing to her elbows.

"Elmo!" she said, enraptured, waiting for her favorite character to appear on her arm.

"No, honey--elBows, not ElMo."

"Bow," she said, and pointed to the bow in her hair.

"Yes, b-b-b-bows in your hair and el-el-el-elbows in your arms. Got it?"

She looked at her arms again. No Muppets appeared, but she was not deterred. "Elmos."

Fair enough. We have fingers, we have wrists, and Baby C, at least, has Elmos.

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