Merry Christmas to All!

Christmas with a 14-month old...

Means that the bottom third of your tree lacks ornaments.

Means that every time she passes by the front door, we have to open it to see the lights hanging from the porch.

Means that we don't know who gave what to whom, since the gift tags to most of presents under the tree are scattered throughout the house.

Means that the Christmas cards are also scattered throughout the house, which is actually kind of nice because I see the smiling faces of our friends' children in odd places throuhout the day. Under the kitchen table are Kyle, Lucas and Olivia, and on the stairs are Gavin and Grady. Lucy was spotted in the sofa cushions.

Means that taking the picture of a very wiggly little person for our own card took nearly two hours and almost resulted in divorce due to the different artistic visions held by the parents.

Means that if you listen carefully, you can hear Baby C sing "la la la" during Deck the Halls.

Means that I have an excuse for listening to John Denver and the Muppets (best Christmas CD EVER).

Means that squeals of excitement and delight ring out over the boxes and wrapping paper.

Means it's all wonder and none of the want... pure magic!

Merry Christmas.


  1. I'm impressed that you can put presets under the tree! We figure our boys will be in their tees before we can do that! Ca you believe I even overheard the older two hatching a plan to find the presents!

  2. More posts please!


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