Please Don't Squeeze

The hottest toy of the season? I'm looking at it. It doesn't tickle or giggle, but it is rather... absorbent. Move aside Elmo--you've met your match. 2008 shall heretofore be known as the Year of Cottonelle.

As in the toilet paper. Specifically, the jumbo-pack of 24 double rolls. Encased in plastic, the Cottonelle forms a cushy, crinkly block that, to watch Baby C, is pure joy to climb over, push, and bounce upon. I'm quite confident that her exuberance over the TP is unmatched (at least in the Western world); she puts those women in the Charmin commercial to shame.

You may want to stock up. If this catches on, crazed parents may start lining up at 4:00 a.m. so their child isn't disappointed on Christmas morning. There will be a rush on the product, perhaps a shortage. Consider yourself warned.


  1. Such a quiet toy - that's gotta be nice. But let's hope for no shortage.

  2. Her joy over playing with Charmin will one day be matched by your joy when she actually uses the Charmin.

    Happy holidays!


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