Sew Slow

Though I've been a mother for over a year, there are some basic realities that I apparently haven't yet realized. Free time, for example. I once spent it reading, catching up with friends, jogging, or various other recreational activities. Emptying the dishwasher wasn't on that list. It is now. My free time is when she sleeps, and I spend that time trying to clean the kitchen, do laundry, make meals, address Christmas cards, decorate the house, make shopping lists, take out the garbage, clean the cat litter, and other activities that make the hearts of stay-at-home mommies sing for joy.

So me thinking I had the time to make some little gifts for my nieces and nephew can only be attributed to being remedial at the whole realities of motherhood thing (not to mention remedial at the whole crafting thing). Those little gifts are the reason my house is in shambles and the laundry is piled up. As I stitch away in the ruins of my house, I realize that adding just one, tiny activity makes my whole day unravel. I should have started in July, in order to accommodate other activities I once considered non-negotiable, such as showering. Speaking of which, please excuse me. I’ve got to go brush my teeth.

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