A Dream, Deferred

New Mommy had a little cabin fever. My daily trip out to the mailbox lost its luster. So, I planned a quick trip to the bookstore and looked forward to it as eagerly as I used to anticipate a weekend sussing down the slopes. As ambitious as it seemed, I knew it was possible; I'd seen women with strollers in the Barnes & Noble. I laid out everything that would be needed: diaper bag, fleecy insert for the car seat, stroller, wallet, check, check, check, check. I timed it just right: after a good feeding and a quick diaper change. But. . .

Baby C did NOT want to go to the bookstore. Having informed me of that, she went on to tell the cat, the mailman, the neighbors and probably the entire city. Did you hear her? Because, apparently, she wanted to let you know, too. She was NOT going into her car seat and New Mommy couldn't make her.

I contemplated buckling the shrieking, trembling, red-faced vessel of discontent into her car seat anyway, but she gave the distinct impression that she planned to interrupt my browsing to make her feelings known to the entire bookstore as well.

Sigh. Maybe some other time. A new mommy can always dream, right?


  1. Didn't I tell you, she would have loved the ride. She just didn't know it. Gotta persevere, new mommy.

  2. Once I was in the car with my friend Sara and her newborn who was strapped into her car seat. Goodness. The experience scarred for like a year.


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