The Poo Posting

Me, pre-baby: "I'm not going to be one of Those Parents who talks incessantly about their darling infant's bodily functions, and I'm certainly not going to blog about baby poo."

My mom: "Children will make liars out of you every time."

Today, Jenny came over to meet Baby C.

Me, post-baby: "Hey, Jenny! C'mon in - can't meet you the door because I'm changing a diaper right now. You wouldn't believe it! It was projectile poop! She almost got both of us. It's an all hands on deck situation back here. Ya wanna see?!"

And thus began a two-hour visit during which Baby C's bodily functions were witnessed and discussed. I will spare you the gory details, but let's just say Jenny was impressed by their sheer number and velocity. As I'm sure you would be. If I were one of Those Parents who discussed and/or blogged about poo.

Moral: Grandma knows best.


  1. THREE poops in 150 minutes. I was amazed. Honestly...had NO idea that's what new moms go through. But baby C is so darn cute and sweet...I want one of my own asap!

  2. Elizabeth, Oh boy...the joys of elimination! (I do have a related joke for you, which I'm going to try to leave anonymously since, well, it's *bathroom humor* and that's where my family is humor-wise.)Okay, here it is: *Diarrhea - did you know it's hereditary? Yes, it is. It runs in your jeans.* There, a little classic potty humor that just might provide a bit of levity when changing your the nappy of your little angel. ;) EE


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