Survival Mode

Both sets of grandparents returned home. Greg's gone back to work. It's me and Baby C, mano-a-mano at last.

High on the list of my all-time personal achievements was surviving Monday. I left the house alone with Baby C for the first time, figured out her Snap-N-Go carseat and stroller, made it to my post-op doctor's visit, and made it home without forgetting anything that I know of. At least, the baby's still here.

All was well at the doctor's, except for the distressing news that the bulge around my middle was not going to miraculously disappear without diet and exercise. Right now, none of my pre-pregnancy pants fit and my maternity clothes are too summery. I'm in denial that I need to buy new, bigger pants and have been living in two pairs of jeans that my dear friend Marina let me borrow. (No one should attempt pregnancy or parenthood without a friend like her).

So, we're surviving, Baby C and me. We're watching lots of bad t.v. and flirting with fantasies of a trip to Starbucks in the stroller. All optional activities (housework, laundry, holiday planning, the occasional shower, and - oh yeah - this blog) have been curtailed, but now that the shock of our first days alone are wearing off, I hope to get back to them more frequently. Especially showering. I miss that.


  1. Had to chuckle at your story...especially the mano-o-mano line. First read your post last night and I must have been half asleep. Anyway, I had several blogs open at once. As I was readying through yours, I thought I was at another blog, one belonging to my double-cousin's daughter, called Haphazard Housewife (the blog not the daughter). And she recently had her fourth child, the oldest in kinde-garden. Well while reading it I thought *my goodness Charity has developed some Real Flair in her writing this past week. And I got a kick out of hearing her *first milestones* now that she's, you know, a veteran. So then had to laugh when I saw I was at 4 AM feeding.

    Anyway, sounds as though you're well on the way to being a veteran too! =) EE (

  2. Now that you've survived your first day on your own, you know that you and Baby C can do anything. What fun!


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