Desperate Housewife

In the last, bulky weeks of pregnancy when tying my shoelaces seemed too difficult and scrubbing the shower nigh impossible (at least psychologically), I hired a cleaning service to come every other week.* Even though I can see my toes again, I haven't cancelled it. The cleaners came this morning, bright and early at 10:00, and I greeted them in my nightgown with unbrushed teeth. I'm hiding out with the baby in the office right now. Amazing how it's possible to feel slovenly even as one's house is being cleaned.

*Good thing, too, since that nesting cleaning urge never did kick in.


  1. If you can swing it, keep that service forever!

    What I wouldn't give!

  2. Wonderful idea to *delegate* the stuff you can like. Getting outta pjs and into clothes real quick like will help too... ;)

    Elizabeth, are you familiar with FlyLady? ( This is the neatest site every for Household management and all. Love it! There's probably a section there for mamas with new little ones...I visit this site nearly every day. EE

  3. I think I will follow both of your excellent suggestions. :)


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