In her fabulous book Expecting Adam, Martha Beck writes how the nesting instinct compelled her to scrub out the refrigerator before the birth of each of her children. (I can't quote the passage because I haven't unpacked all of our books since we moved two months ago). My friend Anneliese cleaned her home from top to bottom and mended her other kids' clothes on the eve of Baby No. 3. Mended! With a needle and thread!

I listened eagerly as others attributed nesting to alphabetized DVD collections and organized hall closets. Finally! A positive side effect of pregnancy. I couldn't wait. As a pawn of the mighty forces of Nature herself, I would whip our new home into shape. Pictures would be hung! Papers would be filed!

Unfortunately, I seem to have fallen victim to an equally strong but lesser-reported instinct. It’s called sleeping on the sofa. Nesting may be present to the extent I feel guilty about my to-do list, but it’s powerless to get me off the couch. Looks like my deli drawer is going to have to wait.


  1. Expecting Adam is such a good book.

    Don't worry - I'm sure the baby won't notice the deli drawer. Rest up while you can.

  2. Neat post! Another consideration: Giving birth with a fresh manicure or pedicure -- or even just simply nail polish -- is bound to impress Somebody. =) Seriouslyl now, I'd agree that you're right to be recharging that battery. EE



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