Sister Bovine, Unite!

Luckily, many of our friends and family have small children. They've been great with advice but have also carefully shielded us from the grittier aspects of parenting until they thought we were ready. We're down to the wire now. We've braved Babies R Us. We know about meconium. It is time. With one week left to go, my friend Marina brought out the breast pump.

I have never been more horrified.

Now, it's worth noting that I graduated from a wonderful land-grant university situated in the bucolic loveliness that is Central Illinois. Which is to say: I spent four years surrounded by cows. I witnessed milk's journey from bovine to table and never gave it much thought. But the breast pump brought on some graphic flashbacks, and now I'm sure I remember the resignation on those gentle Holstein faces. I'm switching to soy in solidarity.


  1. Hilarious! My favorite part - "the look of resignation on those gentle Holstein faces" - reminded me of a couple words I've wanted to use "vapid stare" - like a bovine gaze maybe. Here where I live (guess where?) people stop and stare at most anything that moves - a fly on the wall, anything the slightest bit of interest - we're talking overt staring. But totally expressionless and I do find it rather unsettling. But when I'm walking along afterward and blogging in my mind, those words come to mind. Now I'll add "gentle (Russian) faces" to the mix. Regularly stop by your blog - thoroughly your way with words! EE (


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