It's a Girl!

Baby C defied my expectations--not for the first time, I'm sure--by being born a girl. I had convinced myself that I'd been toting around a bouncing baby boy, and was actually nervous that I would be disappointed if he turned out to be a she. But, from her first angry squawks at birth, I was completely smitten and feel only teary gratitude. Oh, and exhaustion. Yep, I'd say teary, exhausted gratitude. Oh, and pain. Not from the c-section, because they have wonderful drugs nowadays, but from feeding the baby. So: teary, exhausted, pain-filled gratitude. And it's great. (And before you think it's just the drugs talking, I'm only on Tylenol right now).

So, she's gorgeous. Me, biased? A perfect little heart shaped face with dark blue eyes that might turn brown. And she's sporting an amazing cap of black, spiky hair that contrasts beautifully with her little pink bow mouth. As we left the hospital, she gazed around with a very pensive look on her face, as if to say to whomever could intervene, "Are you really going to let me go with two such clueless people?"

And the adventure begins...


  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you and baby C. Congrats!!

    Too funny about her "thoughts" leaving the hospital.

  2. So apparently just the same ol' same ol' around your household (just teasing). More like Change Everywhere! Congrats on your little wee angel. Bet she has a poetic name like...Cloe (if "Baby C" is any clue), Claire, Cleopatra...(call me Clueless). Happy mama-ing. EE

  3. So how's the little fambily? Are those 4 AM Feedings a time of precious bonding? ;) Wishing you and yours all the best. EE


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