Nine Days and Counting

Nine days left of sleep, of flitting around with one small purse, of having a Fisher-Price plastic-free house, of calm restaurant dining, of beautiful uninterrupted showers and movies and books. Of spontaneous coffee dates and weekend trips. No sticky fingers or nursing bras or soccer practices or feeding schedules or ear infections or preschool applications. For nine more days.

Greg was out of town last week, and as I woke up every day I thought, "This is one of the last mornings I'll ever have to myself." Okay - maybe forever is stretching it. But how unfathomable that my life - and I say MINE with the fervor of a two-year-old clutching her favorite toy - is about to become all about... not me.

On the cusp of parenthood, it's far easier to envision the loss of things known than to imagine the addition of the great unknown. Maybe Confessions of a Selfish Mommy would be a better name for this blog.

Truthfully, I'm very excited about Baby C's impending arrival. We've waited for years to say "Nine days left!" When conception wasn't quite as forthcoming as all those health class videos would have one believe, I grew wary of celebrating too early. So, nine days out, saying I'm downright thrilled seems like tempting the gods. Better to throw them off-scent with lamentations about broken sleep and sticky upholstery. And Diaper Genies. And nasal aspirators. That should do it.


  1. Ahhhhh! I'm so excited you're blogging! And just for the record I'm so excited for the baby's arrival too :-)

    Enjoy your last nine days...and when you're in the midst of motherhood don't forget to call Aunt Jenny to babysit so you can have a nap!

  2. Maybe your baby will like spontaneous coffee dates! Why not? And really, your house can stay fisher-price plastic-free. It may be difficult. It may involve avoiding any and all toy aisles at Target. There may be numerous discussions with grandparents. But for such a worthy goal... :)

  3. Congratulations on birthing a blog! And also on blogging a baby (couldn't resist). Will plan to stop by your blog often. Read about it on Jenny's blog (whom I *met* through a Writer's Digest blog). It was your "on the cusp" phrase that sold me. Oh, and the neat perspective too on the pending arrival of Baby.

    And...already your blog is around the world. Yes, already eight time zones to the east.

    Another perspective: only eight days left of...Watermelon Tummy. Congratulations!


  4. Wow - thanks for the welcome, everyone!

    Jenny, you are my inspiration! (Can be sung to Chicago's hit song of the 80's). And be careful a/b any babysitting offers you make!

    Melissa, it *is* a worthy goal, isn't it?

    And Eileen, we are way past the Watermelon Tummy stage here...

  5. You forgot spit-up and meconium.

    All worth it though.

    Wishing you a three push and you're out labor.

    God bless!


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